Upgrade to The Missing Sync for Palm OS, v6.0

If you bought your version of The Missing Sync for Palm OS after May, 1 2007 you might qualify for a free upgrade to the newest version. See MarkSpace’s website for further instructions.

I bought The Missing Sync when I got my Treo 680. Synchronization should (in theory) work fine und Mac OS X (Tiger) with iSync and Palm Desktop. However, I had some strange feelings when the Palm wouldn’t sync anymore unless I removed the iSync preference files.

In addition, iSync seems also only able to sync one address and did randomly “forget” some of my contact’s phone numbers or e-mail addresses. The Missing Sync works much better (although I’m not able to sync via Bluetooth right now, I’m trying to get that fixed after I upgrade to v6.0) and it supports multiple gimmicks like videos and music on your Palm device. Definitely worth the price ($39.95 for the full version, $24.95 for the update).

2 thoughts on “Upgrade to The Missing Sync for Palm OS, v6.0”

  1. Syncing the Treo and my MacBook Pro via Bluetooth works again (I deleted the pairing of the two devices and set it up again).

    After the upgrade vom Missing Sync v5.1 to v6.0, the calendars (“events”) stopped working with an error message: "[…] no writeable calendars […]". I managed to get it working again by backing up my calendar files, setting up a (temporary) new calendar and re-importing the calendar entries into iCal.

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