Gaining weight the healthy way

Well, as I’m (so to speak) a little… hm… droughty… I’m really looking forward to gain some weight (that doesn’t only stack around my belly). Yes, I am working out to gain some muscles, but that doesn’t seem enough.

Today I found a very interesting link (“How to gain healthy Weight”) via

2 thoughts on “Gaining weight the healthy way”

  1. Remember to eat more calories than the maintaining level for yourself; eat little and often; rest; train seperate bodyparts every other day; never train the same bodypart the next day.

    Just a few suggestions for you there 😉

  2. Weight Training is only one small part of trying to gain weight and build muscle. You need to eat a lot and often, you need to rest at adequate times, and you need to get a good solid weight training program in place and stick with it.

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