iPhone coming to the U.S. market in 4 days

OK, I’m pretty sure you all heard about that iPhone hype. It’s only sold with a 2-year AT&T Wireless (formerly known as Cingular) contract, but today I learned that the cancellation fee of the contract is “only” $175 (which is a steal if you sum up 24 months of paying $39.99 for the cheapest contract: $1,359.66 + 8.5% California sales tax = $1,475.23).

Call me crazy, but that’s really tempting.

I’m still not sure if I should really buy one, but you might find some live Apple or AT&T Palo Alto store pictures here on Friday… Also if I don’t find myself buying one I still might be able to play with the iPhone in the next days. $colleague rulez.

4 thoughts on “iPhone coming to the U.S. market in 4 days”

  1. If you buy the iPhone, and cancel the contract when you move, will you be able to use it in Germany? Most phones in America have to be hacked to get rid of the SIM-lock. Usually not a problem, but you know how proprietary Apple likes to be…

  2. That’s one of the first thing I will check with one of the company phones: trying if my German SIM card or my T-Mobile U.S. SIM card work with the iPhone (although I know I’d have to miss the nice voice-mail thingy and perhaps much more stuff AT&T offers exclusively).

  3. Should that be true, I’m definitely out. I won’t buy a phone for myself that won’t work with the network of my and not the operator’s choice. Never did and never will.

  4. As far as I heard the birds singing, the iPhone definitely needs to be activated with an AT&T SIM card (using iTunes to choose your contract as it is described on AT&T’s and Apple’s web site). One should be able to exchange the AT&T SIM card with one from a foreign (read: non-US) network provider. No official verification from AT&T so far.

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