Happy iCal day!

iCal dayHappy iCal day everyone!

Today’s the day the iCal icon in Mac OS X doesn’t change when iCal is started — the static icon always displays July, 17 although the date changes to the actual date when iCal runs. I wonder if Apple finally finds a way to display a dynamic, up-to-da(y)te icon in Leopard. Until then, I keep MagiCal in my menu bar which does a perfect job.

(via: hildi, whose blog post reminded me of iCal day a few hours ahead of my [local] time…)

One thought on “Happy iCal day!”

  1. Some people argue, if you want it to be up to date, just have it running all the time (hidden on startup) — even though I personally don’t like carrying around programs if I don’t use them. (Especially because OSX will keep them in the Apple+Tab menu just like the hideous Finder).

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