Things to do in Vegas

Las VegasPlanning my upcoming trip to Las Vegas (my last trip before I leave the States and return to Germany) brought me to WikiTravel and a very interesting list of what to do in Vegas:

  • Gamble
  • Get married

Ehm. I don’t really enjoy gambling and I’m already married — what else is there to do in Vegas? I plan on taking some pictures (especially night shots).

Picture: Basial; CC licensed on flickr

Blockbuster is changing is subscription plans

I just received an e-mail from Blockbuster on Friday:

We have introduced a new pricing structure for our lineup of
subscription plans.

As a result, the price of your current monthly plan, Unlimited Online DVDs up to 3 at a time plus unlimited in-store exchanges each month for $17.99, is no longer available for $17.99.

We will not automatically renew your subscription on your next billing date following …

The new “unlimited” subscriptions only includes 5 in-store exchanges per month. I would have had to cancel the subscription anyways as I’m returning to Germany in a few weeks, but for me as a movie addict, the unlimited exchanges were nice while they lasted.