Hail to the German healthcare system

After I received the invoice for V’s and my visit to the emergency room a few days ago (all the doctors we called told us to go to the ER because [as a tourist] she doesn’t have a US health care plan), I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about the German healthcare system and its amazing coverage for everything anymore:

$ 243.13 Lab C.
$ 684.58 Lab B. & M.
$ 286.63 Lab U.
$1182.63 Emergency Room

$2396.97 TOTAL

The payment is due in a few days. I really hope that our German Auslandskrankenversicherung we contracted years ago (and luckily never had to use so far) covers most of it.

Oh, and I should mention that you get a huuuuge (really!) discount if you pay cash within a few weeks. I think the hospital doesn’t expect anyone without a health insurance plan to have that much money on their bank account and being able to pay the bill right away. Neither do I.

5 thoughts on “Hail to the German healthcare system”

  1. We’ve submitted US invoices to our German health insurance company a couple of times, and did not have any problems. I’m sure it will work out.

  2. Yeah I am sure it will work out too. Though the German health insurance will be glad to get the discount too 🙂

    Jean Pierre: I don’t only think they don’t expect them to pay it “right away”… I think they expect people without insurance not to pay at all (in particular foreigners who will be back home a week later). Which is why they give a huge discount to encourage paying at least the discounted part.

  3. Hey,
    danke fürs comment – Deine Bilder sind so cool – viel spektakulärer als die aus dem Ländle – trotzdem war’s da mal wieder total schön. Waren auch in der Schweiz (Basel) – sehr nett! Freuen uns schon, wenn Du wieder hier bist, viele Grüsse, Kathrin 🙂

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