Things to do in Vegas

Las VegasPlanning my upcoming trip to Las Vegas (my last trip before I leave the States and return to Germany) brought me to WikiTravel and a very interesting list of what to do in Vegas:

  • Gamble
  • Get married

Ehm. I don’t really enjoy gambling and I’m already married — what else is there to do in Vegas? I plan on taking some pictures (especially night shots).

Picture: Basial; CC licensed on flickr

4 thoughts on “Things to do in Vegas”

  1. What, you don’t enjoy gambling and yet you go to LV? Funny. What you should do is play blackjack, just for a little while. I had a lot of fun doing that one time at a bar (okay, wasn’t real money cause that’d be illegal in California). You need somebody to explain it to you, I guess, but it’s easy.

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