Mac OS X Leopard: First Impressions

Finally I also got my copy of the newest, freshest, shiniest OS X version ever… I don’t know how Apple does it, but I’m one of the guys who is always excited about new Apple products.

Although I read about best practices for installing Leopard on several web sites (most of them recommended either the archive and install or the clean install option), I wanted to give the update option at least a try — some of my friends confirmed that it seemed to work pretty well.

In the beginning, the installation ran very smoothly. I was upgrading from OS X 10.4.10 with all the latest updates installed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to login after the reboot. My MacBook Pro hung at the point where the Leopard introduction intro should appear.

So I decided to wipe out the internal hard drive of my MacBook Pro, performed a clean installation of Leopard and transferred my old applications and files using the Migration Assistant during the second phase of the installation from a backup I had created with SuperDuper! before. (note: it took almost 3 hours to copy all that stuff from my external Firewire drive — I really have to clean up…). But that gave me at least some time to further clean up the apartment I just moved into.

Waste Separation in Germany

Wegweiser durch den WertstoffhofAlmost everything is regulated in Germany and in some districts like Biberach (BC) some people tend to have too much spare time. So they spend their Saturday mornings at the local recycling site (“Wertstoffhof”) to separate their garbage.

We don’t only separate paper, glass and plastics (well, I’m used to that and think it’s a good idea)… You have to put all different sorts of garbage into the right container: Newspapers, packages, mixed papers, glass, tin foil, PE foil, other plastics, glass (again, this time only if in flat shape), cans (made from… tin foil), plastic containers with a volume of less than 5 liters, styrofoam pieces, CDs/DVDs, … You get the idea 😉

My Last Hours in California

Unfortunately today is my last day in the U.S. as I’m flying back to Frankfurt/Germany tonight.

I had a fantastic time in the Silicon Valley and met lots of lovely people with whom I spend amazing time working, traveling, and hanging out together. Now it’s time to go back to Germany, graduate from university within the next months and look for a job opportunity.

Thanks for everything, folks! I’m gonna to miss you!

Jean Pierre