What is it with Apple MacBooks and their batteries?

Finally, I’m back with the road-warriors again. The last weeks, my MacBook Pro and I were bound to my desk because it was running without a battery. It had died (the computer just went out when the battery’s capacity reached about 30%), so I had to leave the battery at the Gravis store in Munich (as Apple does not [yet] have any official stores in Germany, Gravis IMHO is the best choice).

Since I bought my MacBook Pro in 9/2006 I’ve had 3 replacement batteries so far. This is the forth one. I hope it actually stays alive a little longer than a few months. And (just in case) I was able to buy another Apple battery on eBay for a quite affordable price, so I might now be able to (at least half-way) compete with a certain Thinkpad owner who coded during the whole flight from Germany to San Francisco…

3 thoughts on “What is it with Apple MacBooks and their batteries?”

  1. Sorry for replying to an old post, but it seems like I’m not alone with my battery worries :-/

    I bought my MBP in April 2006 and currently have my fourth battery. The first one got recalled by Apple, the second one died while still under warranty, the third battery died in mid-January. Luckily, I got a replacement for free (at least I can’t complain about the service). Yesterday I calibrated my battery in the way recommended by Apple, everything seemed fine after that.

    I checked the capcacity this morning and noticed that it had suddenly dropped to 5046 mAh – nearly 400 mAh gone!

    So I figure this battery will also be dead in, like, two months or so…

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