OS Irony

Installing a floppy drive into a computer, booting off a Ubuntu Live CD, formatting an old 3.5″ floppy, copying Promise RAID drivers onto it. In order to be able to install Windows XP.

I wish Microsoft had provided at least one additional way to add drivers to the installation process (USB memory stick, anyone?). At least when I tried with an official SP2 installation CD.

Next step after the Windows installation: add a Ubuntu installation in an LVM partition. So the Ubuntu alternate installation CD was helpful twice with this computer.

2 thoughts on “OS Irony”

  1. When I recently installed a box that had one of the first-generation SATA controllers in it, it also needed a driver disk. *sigh*.

    More modern SATA controllers seem to come with some sort of emulation instead so they can be talked to by programs like the Windows installer as regular IDE devices.

  2. Haha, well if you think that is OS irony, look at me. I am running Linux on a windows designed computer, using apple equipment.

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