No more in Germany

No GMail in Germany

Due to legal skirmish, Google’s mail service (called “GMail”in the U.S. and “Google Mail”, e.g., in Germany and the U.K.) cannot be accessed [from German ISPs] by anymore. Instead of the GMail UI, you see that error screen shown above. Pointing your browser to works fine, though.

Unfortunately I’m so used to type “” — luckily, in Firefox 3 you just need to type “gmail” into the URL input field and then choose the correct entry from the drop-down menu (if you ever have visited before).

View PDFs inside Firefox on your Mac

After you’ve all upgraded to Firefox 3, you might also want to try out the firefox-mac-pdf extension, too.1

It displays PDFs “inline” (inside a browser window) instead of downloading and/or opening it in or Adobe Reader. Great extension!

(via macosxhints, TUAW, and others…)

  1. Mac OS X 10.4/Tiger or newer required []

Congratulations, Mozilla!

Download DayWithin 15 hours, already more than 5 million copies of the new version of the Firefox web browser have been downloaded on “Download Day”.

Firefox 3 comes with a bunch of nice new features. The one I like the most is AwesomeBar. It’s just… awesome! 🙂 Go and grab your free copy today and give it a try.

And Microsoft… they did it again! After sending a cake for the Firefox 2 release, they sent another cake for Firefox 3! That’s pretty cool, Microsoft dudes!