No more in Germany

No GMail in Germany

Due to legal skirmish, Google’s mail service (called “GMail”in the U.S. and “Google Mail”, e.g., in Germany and the U.K.) cannot be accessed [from German ISPs] by anymore. Instead of the GMail UI, you see that error screen shown above. Pointing your browser to works fine, though.

Unfortunately I’m so used to type “” — luckily, in Firefox 3 you just need to type “gmail” into the URL input field and then choose the correct entry from the drop-down menu (if you ever have visited before).

4 thoughts on “No more in Germany”

  1. Or create a bookmark “” and add “mail” as a keyword in the property.

    then you’ll just have to enter “mail” in the bar.

    to continue showing off : you can use %s to add a variable.
    for example : bookmark “ ” with a keyword of “translate”

    and then enter “translate speak” and it will directly open the page with answers

  2. Is that an actual google page??? Wow. That might well be the ugliest piece of hypertext they’ve ever written 😉

    Oh, and I assume the awesomebar will take care of that for you won’t it?

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