Continental Airlines: Not receiving the newsletter?

Continental Airlines e-mail newsletter

Dear Continental customer service,

only because I don’t allow my e-mail program to open e-mails containing images automatically and hence not invoking the embedded web bugs in your newsletters (hey, this isn’t Windows and Outlook Express, OK?) doesn’t necessarily mean that I am not reading your monthly status update and new promotions and interesting offers and … whatever.

Hey, wait a second. I am not. In fact I never do. At least most of the time. Oh well, I do check my frequent traveller mileage account. But that’s it. I don’t want any other information from you and I couldn’t think of a reason why I should let you know if I did read your spam.

Thanks for the ><(({°>.


2 thoughts on “Continental Airlines: Not receiving the newsletter?”

  1. Oh well. Reminds me of a highly-decorated escalation meeting with a client who complained that most of his 50.000 recipients don’t see the images in his HTML newsletter. (And I was one the defendants because it was my job to get the mailing out.)

    All the technical persons in the room rolled their eyeballs and explained that this is the default setting in _every_ mail reader out there.

    “So, what can I do to make the newsletter appear the same everywhere?”

    He was told to either use plain text or PDF. Obviously, none of these was an option in his marketing world. 😉

    Your friends at Continental airlines are clearly living in the same ivory tower as this gentleman.

  2. At least (after digging through the website for several minutes) I found an option to select “text only” e-mails. Now they’ll never know if I read their e-mails. Poor guys.

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