Another MacBook Pro battery is dying…

Another MacBook Pro battery is dying

Well, my MacBook Pro is about 2 years old now and I’ve had… a total of 5 batteries exchanged so far. Of course, Apple has the famous Battery Exchange program that was… recently closed. Grrr.

I hope Apple was only screwing up with their batteries in the past and hopefully does a better job with the recently introduced new MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks.

And if it’s not the battery or some fancy charging-related logic board problem, it must be me who is using the MBP so excessively that all batteries are dying nearly at light velocity.

Update: creativebits and TUAW have both mentioned articles on how to treat your laptop’s battery best. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I did with this battery (fully charge it, drain it, keep it at 50% charge when stored for a longer period of time, etc.). Didn’t help 🙁

4 thoughts on “Another MacBook Pro battery is dying…”

  1. Bei mir sind es zwar erst 2 Akkus, aber es sieht auch nicht besser aus. Der Akku hält es immerhin von Wohnzimmer- zu Schlafzimmersteckdose aus – eigentlich traurig, dafür dass es eigentlich anders gedacht ist.

  2. Am Anfang befürchtete ich, dass das ständige Betreiben des MacBooks am Netzteil dafür verantwortlich sein könnte. Mittlerweile habe ich mal versucht, ausgiebiger den Akku zu nutzen, aber auch das half nichts 🙁

    Glücklicherweise habe ich noch einen zweiten Akku, der (noch) keine Ausfallerscheinungen zeigt.

  3. My current one has still 92% capacity after 23 load cycles. I guess that’s acceptable. Sad that you are so unlucky with your batteries. Maybe that’s a message telling you to sell your MBP and replace it with a new one 😉

  4. Well, the other battery is doing OK (knocking on wood) but this one is just completely drained when the 10% capacity warning is shown. So the MacBook shuts down without any additional warning. Yep, thinking about a new one… 😀

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