Palm OS. Over and out.

TomTom on the Palm Treo 680I have been using some Palm OS PDAs and mobile phones for quite a long time (since 2000) and was really happy with them until I switched over to a Nokia E71 based on Symbian S60 because that platform offers way more software (PuTTY on a S60 mobile phone!) for my daily needs.

I’m sad though to hear, that–according to a Networkworld article–Palm Inc. announced the end of the Palm OS product line.

3 thoughts on “Palm OS. Over and out.”

  1. I actually think that it’s a good thing that they made a clear cut and started something new. Similar to Apple when they decided to dump MacOS 9 an build something better: OS X

  2. Well, you certainly won’t have the problems that you have with an operating system that supports APIs that are AGES old (read: Windows).

    Palm OS was a very stable and user-friendly platform. It’s sad that they never introduced multi-tasking or decent network (3G, WiFi) support (“Oops. You lost the link to your mobile network for two seconds. Sorry, data loss.”). I’m really interested in seeing their Web OS. Perhaps they’re doing a better job this time.

    Or… we’re all using Mighty Google Phones in a few years and forget that there were other products…

  3. Looks like it was an excellent time for me to sell off my old Palm OS-based Sony PDA just a few weeks ago. My new “PDA” has “mobile OSX” (or whatever you call it) on it.

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