Project 365: Camera Service

Camera Service

The 40D is going to be serviced today. There is way too much dust on the sensor, it’s clearly visible in the pictures. I sent it to the German Canon dealer Martin Achatzi. I ordered various lenses from him in the past; his customer service is so incredibly great, it makes me feel like I’m back in the States…

Update: I had the camera back in my hands in almost 48 hours! And the invoice was even less than 25 Euros, including shipping (in both directions)!

Project 365: New Thinkpad

New Thinkpad

No, I’m not turning my back on my Mac. Definitely not. 🙂

It was time to get a typical “office” laptop for one of my relatives. Web, E-Mail, text documents, and spreadsheets. The usual suspects. I chose the Lenovo Thinkpad SL510, upgraded to 4 GB RAM.

This was actually the first time I got my hands on a Windows 7 installation. Looks not too bad.

Firefox on OS X: Java not working?

Mozilla FirefoxWith recent Firefox versions (3.6, 4.0 beta), I was unable to view any kind of website that uses Java on my Mac.

Browsing through the about:plugins page I found out that I had three different versions of the Java Embedding Plugin (MRJPlugin.plugin) loaded in Firefox — two of them in addition to the one that already ships with Firefox!

The additional add-ons were found in

  • /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
  • <user>/Library/Internet Plugins/

After deleting those and restarting Firefox, I was able to enjoy the beauty of Java applets again!1

  1. OK, that was a lie. But I was at least able to use the postage stamp printing application on the DHL website… []