Installing VMware server on Fedora Core 5

May 7, 2006 One-minute read

If you only need to run VMware images (e.g. provided by your professor), you might want to try out the free VMware Player software. Works great (after applying the VMware any-any patch and compiling your own kernel modules [remember to have the kernel-devel package installed]).

If you decide to create your own virtual machine, e.g. to run a Windows OS inside a sandbox within your safe FC5 environment, VMware offers a VMware Server Beta free of charge. You just have to register and will get a serial number sent to your e-mail address.

Install as you like (you can install the provided RPM files using rpm -ivh ... or untar/un-gzip the tar.gz archives) and run the configuration scripts provided with the packages. A good installation guide can be found on VMware Support website.

After the installation and a reboot I had trouble connecting to the server. I found this hint on the VMware forum and -surprise- the error is caused by SELinux (I’m really thinking about simply disabling it!)

Run these commands (as root) to configure SELinux properly:

`# find /usr/lib/vmware -name ‘.so’ -exec chcon -t texrel_shlib_t {} ;

rm /var/run/vmware/vmware-serverd.PID`

Now you should be able to connect again to your VMware server.