Remove Additional Languages From OS X Applications

I just found out, that in the File Info Box (select an application and press Apple + I) you can actually delete languages from the application file (I can’t do that to you see on the screenshot because I’m logged in without administrative rights).

Remove additional languages from OS X apps

I’ve not recognized that before – did Apple introduce that function with the 10.4.9 updates? Anyone running an older 10.4 version who could verify that?

Of course this function does not make such nice applications like Monolingual obsolete, but i’s really nice if you just want to remove additional languages from one of your applications and not from the whole system (a.k.a. all applications).

As I’ve had problems with Monolingual before—see this post—you want to make sure you do have a (working!) backup. Don’t remove the English language from an application (just in case; you may try but I wouldn’t). Be careful. As always, your mileage may vary. Your fridge might explode or your cat might put dead mice in front of your bed. You know what I mean.


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