The Times They Are A-Changin'

A long time ago I received a chain letter e-mail (I think the title was “how to realize that you work in the 90s”) with some really funny (and true) items on a list:

  • You always dial a 0 prefix (9 in the U.S.) at home to place an “external” phone call
  • Everyone you know has at least 3 phone numbers and e-mail addresses and you’ve never seen them in person

This one became quite true for me this morning:

  • One day, you’ll go to work and all the company signs have been replaced with signs showing a different company name.

The board of management has decided (and announced this morning) to split the company, selling the part in deficit to a private equity company. Follow the news on Spiegel online, and CNN that cover most information.

I’m not yet sure how that will affect my work as I am assigned to a project that deals with both parts of the former company. I might have to use plan B right now. We’ll see.


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