Google Providing Free WPA2 Encrypted WiFi in Mountain View, CA


As I consider myself being lucky living in Mountain View, CA (hometown of Google where they provide free wireless internet access almost everywhere) I’ve been using GoogleWifi quite a lot when I was in town, e.g. at a coffee place (Take that, Starbucks with your T-Mobile 6-dollar-per-hour Wifi!).

I just recently found out, that Google is also providing WPA2 encrypted access to their wireless network. I was not able to see the network popping up in the Airport menu (see Google’s help page for an explanation why GoogleWiFiSecure is not visible) so set up a manual connection to GoogleWiFiSecure. Before you try that, log in to the GoogleWiFi (unencrypted) network and get your Google 802.1x username and password.

Google’s WiFi comes also in very handy when our Comcast line at home just dropped again. It’s doing that a lot at the moment. Well, Comcast suggests in their commercials that their cable internet service is way faster than DSL. They don’t talk about the stability of the connection though…


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