IPhone Coming to the U.S. Market in 4 Days

OK, I’m pretty sure you all heard about that iPhone hype. It’s only sold with a 2-year AT&T Wireless (formerly known as Cingular) contract, but today I learned that the cancellation fee of the contract is “only” $175 (which is a steal if you sum up 24 months of paying $39.99 for the cheapest contract: $1,359.66 + 8.5% California sales tax = $1,475.23).

Call me crazy, but that’s really tempting.

I’m still not sure if I should really buy one, but you might find some live Apple or AT&T Palo Alto store pictures here on Friday… Also if I don’t find myself buying one I still might be able to play with the iPhone in the next days. $colleague rulez.


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