Woot. Here's the IPhone

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Welcome, iPhone.

(If you’ve never bought an Apple product: that’s actually the facial expression when you open the package and start using your new toy for the first time!)

I have to say: it’s damn sexy. It’s amazing. It’s just. Awesome!

A colleague of mine waited in line at the San Francisco Apple store since about 7:30am to get the iPhone and brought it back to the office. After playing with it for a while, we decided to drive to the nearby AT&T store to get another one (for another colleague). There were only a few people waiting (a lot less than in front of the Apple store in downtown Palo Alto) and they seemed to have a massive stock of iPhones there (we went there at 8pm).

I was so close to get one for myself, but unfortunately there are some disadvantages:

  • The 2-year AT&T contract (I’m leaving the US in a few months) – I know, that you could cancel the contact for $175, but read on…
  • There is absolutely no way you can use another SIM card in the iPhone at the moment than the one you activated through iTunes 7.3 – neither another US AT&T or T-Mobile card nor a German T-Mobile card.

So, no iPhone for myself, but at least I can play with those that are around in the office 😉


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