Mac OS X Leopard: First Impressions

Finally I also got my copy of the newest, freshest, shiniest OS X version ever… I don’t know how Apple does it, but I’m one of the guys who is always excited about new Apple products.

Although I read about best practices for installing Leopard on several web sites (most of them recommended either the archive and install or the clean install option), I wanted to give the update option at least a try – some of my friends confirmed that it seemed to work pretty well.

In the beginning, the installation ran very smoothly. I was upgrading from OS X 10.4.10 with all the latest updates installed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to login after the reboot. My MacBook Pro hung at the point where the Leopard introduction intro should appear.

So I decided to wipe out the internal hard drive of my MacBook Pro, performed a clean installation of Leopard and transferred my old applications and files using the Migration Assistant during the second phase of the installation from a backup I had created with SuperDuper! before. (note: it took almost 3 hours to copy all that stuff from my external Firewire drive – I really have to clean up…). But that gave me at least some time to further clean up the apartment I just moved into.


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