This Website Has Been Optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer. the Web 2.0 Version

Yay. In the Microsoft IE blog, the IE developers announced that Internet Explorer 8 will come with its own customized

 <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="..." />

HTML header element. Brilliant idea, Microsoft!

Why follow standards? Why force HTML designers to think a tiny, little bit before setting up a website. Hint: Windows is NOT the only operating system on this planet and IE is also not the only browser. Come on, IE team, you know that…)? Why support platform-independent GUIs? Hint No. 2: have you seen this piece of software called “Internet Explorer” on any kind of mobile phone not running Windows Mobile? Who has the most market share in that market? I doubt, no I know it’s certainly not Microsoft.

And I was so naive to think someone finally did their homework. Awesome, Microsoft. Welcome back to the 1990s.

Update: Other blog authors also write about this “fancy new invention”:


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