Nokia E71 vs. Palm Treo 680 Comparison

I am currently using a Palm Treo 680 smartphone as a business phone.

I was thinking about getting a used iPhone (1st generation) sometimes, because my data plan only allows EDGE on the German Vodafone network. Recently I read a lot about the Nokia E71, e.g., a short review by Joel (who, by the way, writes a great blog at which you should definitely check out if you haven’t heard about it so far) and a review on Engadget Mobile. Anyways, I also found another review of an owner who exchanged his 680 for an E71 and he seems quite happy.

As far as the software variety is concerned, there are a lot of applications for the Series 60 platform and also for Apple’s iPhone but I expect even more open-source software to be available for the S60s in the future and, to satisfy my hacking skills, I think I’ll more likely learn programming an S60 device than the iPhone (python on the S60 is another plus).

A question for my readers: Does anyone know if it’s possible to a) tether the E71 to a MacBook Pro or  Thinkpad (via Bluetooth or cable) AND to tunnel non-HTTP(s) traffic, e.g., SSH connections to a designated host (listening on the SSH standard port 22) through port 80 or 443?


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