SMTP/TLS Issue With Nokia E71

Overall, I must say I really LOVE the Nokia E71. It’s a great smartphone with lots of useful (and also totally useless but entertaining…) software available.

Nevertheless, the SMTP/TLS implementation of the Nokia e-mail software seems kind of broken. It works fine with GMail but I’m not able to authenticate with my very own mail server (running exim4) during an SMTP connection:

SMTP protocol synchronization error (input sent without waiting for greeting): rejected connection from [] input="\026\003\001"

Anyone has an idea how to fix it? I mean, obviously the client would have to wait for a greeting but doesn’t. Can I perhaps modify the WAIT interval in exim settings?

Update: Thanks to the help of Melle (here on my blog) and Jan-Piet on I installed stunnel and am currently redirecting traffic through the SSL port (465) on my exim machine to port 25 (SMTP) there – works perfectly. Thanks!


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