Another MacBook Pro Battery Is Dying...

Another MacBook Pro battery is dying

Well, my MacBook Pro is about 2 years old now and I’ve had… a total of 5 batteries exchanged so far. Of course, Apple has the famous Battery Exchange program that was… recently closed. Grrr.

I hope Apple was only screwing up with their batteries in the past and hopefully does a better job with the recently introduced new MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks.

And if it’s not the battery or some fancy charging-related logic board problem, it must be me who is using the MBP so excessively that all batteries are dying nearly at light velocity.

Update: creativebits and TUAW have both mentioned articles on how to treat your laptop’s battery best. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I did with this battery (fully charge it, drain it, keep it at 50% charge when stored for a longer period of time, etc.). Didn’t help 🙁


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