Improving Your GMail IMAP Experience

GMail (or “Google Mail” for the rest of us outside the U.S.) has introduced IMAP access to their users' mailboxes quite a while ago. Fred has written about using your GMail IMAP account with popular mail clients such as Apple’s or Mozilla Thunderbird, I was giving my two cents on the GMail Trash folder.

Today, I learned about a new feature from Google Labs (it’s beta, just in case…): you are now able to fine-tune how deleted mails are handled. So far, all deleted mail stayed in the “All mails” folder. Forever. If you really wanted to delete that crappy newsletter from your favourite airline, you had to log in to the Google Mail website, find that particular mail (you still remembered that you planned to delete that mail when you actually accessed GMail over the web, didn’t you?) and trash it there.

With Advanced IMAP Controls in GMail, you will now be able to either delete your a mail if it is not visible in any view or (that’s the feature I was really looking for) you can even delete an e-mail right away. Click and gone. Nice. That’s how it’s meant to be.


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