Build Freetz on CentOS

Recently, I needed to build a newer version of the famous alternative software for AVM Fritz!Box routers: freetz (the main goal was to enable access to a NAS connected through a dynamic cable or DSL line using OpenVPN).

The only Linux machine I could access at that time was a virtual machine running CentOS 5.4, but it served its purpose very well.

Before you can build your own freetz image in CentOS, you’ll need to install the following RPM packages (if they are not already present on your machine) using yum (as root user):

yum install subversion gcc gcc-c++ binutils autoconf automake libtool make bzip2 ncurses-devel zlib-devel flex bison patch texinfo dos2unix unix2dos gettext expat pkgconfig perl ruby gawk python libusb-devel unzip

Now you can get the current freetz sources (see their download website for more details) and start building your own Fritz!Box image.


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