My tape library has the hiccups

dsc00125.jpgEvery once in a while the Sony TSL-SA500C AIT-2 tape library monster I am using for backups swallows a tape. It’s calling for help with cryptic error messages on its display (something similar to "Tape drive error 00444382"), decides that I may not eject the tape magazine or (even better) ejects the magazine with only three (of four) tapes in it and afterwards whines that I am inserting a “not full magazine” (well, If I gave you a full magazine, you had five tapes in your stomach… Glutton!). So my part is to dis- and reassemble it and try to get the tape out of its hungry mouth (a.k.a. tape drive)…

Fortunately I will be running out of backup disk space in a few months (if my users keep collecting/creating large amounts of data as they do at the moment) and so I ordered a new nice Sony tape library with 1.6TB of storage, this should be enough for a while.

5 thoughts on “My tape library has the hiccups”

  1. Glutton? How British 😉

    P.S.: The link to the Sony page is broken; session expired. I will not start ranting about broken websites now that don’t work if you do not carry around a valid session ID (i.e. you clicked yourself all the way through from the front page). It just hurts.

  2. What would the AE expression for “Vielfraß” be like?

    I replace the link to the broken-by-desgin Sony website with a link to the PDF brochure of the device.

  3. It’s true. Glutton is American, also. But, as Fred said, I honestly can’t remember ever hearing it from an American mouth… Probably only because it isn’t politically correct in America to make fun of someone’s gluttony. 🙂

  4. True. There are no obese Americans, let alone ones whose own fault it is to be heavier than the average compact car. People are just considered to be “unfortunately big” here, which is an even more unfortunate genetic thing that happened to them totally unwillingly.

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