Food for the Movie Junkie

Blockbuster DVDsThe only online DVD rental offers I know from Germany are (which allows you to rent up to 6 movies per month for 19 Euros) and Amango (which has unlimited rentals, 3 DVDs at a time for about 20 Euros per month).

So, to satisfy the DC interns’ need for movies, I signed up for a Blockbuster subscription today. That costs about $19 a month (incl. tax) and I will have three movies checked out at a time. The next Blockbuster store is only a few blocks away, so I can always return them in the store and get a free “regular” rental for each DVD I bring in. Nice 😉

Hope I can manage to cross some movies off the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list.

3 thoughts on “Food for the Movie Junkie”

  1. Hah, nice. Apparently, Blockbuster’s argument to choose them over netflix because of their stores seems to work.

  2. Of course we share… Just for myself, I would have gone for a less expensive subscription but all plans over $14.99/month do have unlimited rentals… And 3 DVDs at a time was a pretty good argument, too. 😉

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