Waste Separation in Germany

Wegweiser durch den WertstoffhofAlmost everything is regulated in Germany and in some districts like Biberach (BC) some people tend to have too much spare time. So they spend their Saturday mornings at the local recycling site (“Wertstoffhof”) to separate their garbage.

We don’t only separate paper, glass and plastics (well, I’m used to that and think it’s a good idea)… You have to put all different sorts of garbage into the right container: Newspapers, packages, mixed papers, glass, tin foil, PE foil, other plastics, glass (again, this time only if in flat shape), cans (made from… tin foil), plastic containers with a volume of less than 5 liters, styrofoam pieces, CDs/DVDs, … You get the idea 😉

2 thoughts on “Waste Separation in Germany”

  1. Huh? This is why the “Duales System” is so screwed up in Germany. Every teeny tiny little district town has a different system of handling their garbage, many of which consist of tedious sorting action that only very few people actually do correctly (not because they don’t want to but because it’s hard to distinguish all materials correctly all the time).

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that I live in a region where we only have ONE green bin for all recyclables and they are sorted after they have been picked up. Thumbs up, home town!

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