You’re working too much… (I)

… if you’re attending a workshop on Maven (which, by the way, is an awesome build management tool) and instead of pom.xml you read p-o-r-n.xml

4 thoughts on “You’re working too much… (I)”

  1. “Awesome” by the means of how many tasks I now get done automatically, e.g., testing, packaging, dependencies. I’m sure Maven 2 has its traps, too. But so far, I really enjoy using it.

  2. Traps. Oh yes, we can fill books of traps. But if you’ve a stable environment, Maven is very nice. At semgine we now have at least 200 Maven 2 projects, building our cor product.

    The main problem of Maven was the instable release policy in the past. Too many plugins in alpha stadium. But it’s “awesome” to escape the ANT hell. But for stable support we patch each new version of Maven 2 and also role out new versions after extensive testing. Take care of using sudenly each new Maven 2 version.

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