Nokia E71 vs. Palm Treo 680 comparison

I am currently using a Palm Treo 680 smartphone as a business phone.

I was thinking about getting a used iPhone (1st generation) sometimes, because my data plan only allows EDGE on the German Vodafone network. Recently I read a lot about the Nokia E71, e.g., a short review by Joel (who, by the way, writes a great blog at which you should definitely check out if you haven’t heard about it so far) and a review on Engadget Mobile. Anyways, I also found another review of an owner who exchanged his 680 for an E71 and he seems quite happy.

As far as the software variety is concerned, there are a lot of applications for the Series 60 platform and also for Apple’s iPhone but I expect even more open-source software to be available for the S60s in the future and, to satisfy my hacking skills, I think I’ll more likely learn programming an S60 device than the iPhone (python on the S60 is another plus).

A question for my readers: Does anyone know if it’s possible to a) tether the E71 to a MacBook Pro or  Thinkpad (via Bluetooth or cable) AND to tunnel non-HTTP(s) traffic, e.g., SSH connections to a designated host (listening on the SSH standard port 22) through port 80 or 443?

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  1. I’m not sure about the tether and forward stuff, but I have one of the new Nokia N95 8GB, which I highly recommend as an awesome phone made from pure awesomeness and it carries the certificate of awesomenicity. (Never before have I actually been satisfied with my cell phone. If you want, I could try to test my N95 with my MacBook and tell you the results. The N95 runs Series 60 also, so if I get it to work, then I’ll let you know.

  2. I have been trying a friend’s N95 and it feels really good but I do miss the Blackberry style keyboard there.
    I currently have a full keyboard on the Treo and writing e-mails is a major business case for me.

    Do you have any software recommendations for instant messaging, Twitter, VoIP, …? Preferably open source, of course.

  3. I haven’t tried any IM apps yet, I’ve heard of Fring though, have not tried it. The N95 does have support for an external keyboard, though. And the 8GB is pretty nice to have onboard, however there is no external SD slot, so you have to suffice with the 8GB. 🙂

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