New spam record

As I described in a previous post when talking about spam countermeasures on one of our servers, misbehaving mail senders are locked down using fail2ban for a certain amount of time.

Today, we got two new records in our internal spammer high score:

Banned services with Fail2Ban:                          Bans:Unbans
Exim4:                                                  [243:241] (                       9:10 (                    7:8

Those two hosts in China and the Phillipines have been behaving most rowdily so far.

And, in addition, I cannot verify that the spam situation improved after one of the major botnet control hosters was taken down. Quite the contrary. We saw a small decrease for a few days but the average number of spam/malware per day that someone is trying to load off at our server has more than doubled compared to the situation two, three weeks ago. 🙁

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  1. We totally need to make some (public) graphs, for spam vs. ham, bans/unbans a day, and similar data. That’d be interesting to see.

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