What Is It With Apple MacBooks and Their Batteries?

Finally, I’m back with the road-warriors again. The last weeks, my MacBook Pro and I were bound to my desk because it was running without a battery. It had died (the computer just went out when the battery’s capacity reached about 30%), so I had to leave the battery at the Gravis store in Munich (as Apple does not [yet] have any official stores in Germany, Gravis IMHO is the best choice).

Since I bought my MacBook Pro in 9/2006 I’ve had 3 replacement batteries so far. This is the forth one. I hope it actually stays alive a little longer than a few months. And (just in case) I was able to buy another Apple battery on eBay for a quite affordable price, so I might now be able to (at least half-way) compete with a certain Thinkpad owner who coded during the whole flight from Germany to San Francisco…


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