Project 365: Phone line socket

The socket on the right is for dial-up pr0n.

Project 365: SAP-Stau


This is the usual traffic situation when everyone at SAP tries to get to work in the morning…

Project 365: Bachelor Fridge?!

Project 365: Trucker JP

Trucker JP

Project 365: Designerlampe

Project 365: Euphorbia Massacre

Euphorbia Massacre

Project 365: The Fing-longer

The Fing-longer

Project 365: Wagyu filet

Celebrating the last night (for now) at the Stuttgart Marriott hotel by ordering a Wagyu filet at their steakhouse. Soooo delicious!

Project 365: Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast

Second course (scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausages) intentionally not shown here…

Project 365: Good morning, Sindelfingen!